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I Can Still Get On a Roll

 Yup, if you get me talking about the flower business, I can still get on a roll. Anyone that has ever had any interaction with me, especially in person, knows that I can really get riled up when talking about the flower business. Do I love it? Yes. Do I want to get back into it? No but man, I had some good times and some annoying times and when asked about it, I can really get going.  Recently, I was sitting at the community pool with the hubby and a neighbor came by. Since we are home more, we've actually met some neighbors! Wow, what a change. Anyway, our neighbor Chris came by and sat with us for about an hour. Of course, we talked about his previous career of 20 years in corporate and 20 years teaching 6th and 7th grade. He talked about how much changed in those years and how once it was time to retire, he was a bit relieved to not have to learn something new. I admit, I felt the same over the last year or 2 of my career. Then we talked a bit about the flower business and like

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